Nigeria is a Virgin: A ground for business

Not a misleading or non commonsensical heading, Nigeria is a Virgin. I know many things will be running through your mind now and many questions flashing in now. How can Nigeria be a virgin? Is Nigeria human being that is called a virgin? Is there any common sense in this post at all? Please, calm down and continue reading, you will get my point very soon.
In our conventional world, a virgin is either a man or lady that has not had sex before, therefore are called zip up. They are crude, not refined, not explored, don’t know the joy of sexual sense, I believe that is your own definition too.
Hey! When it comes to doing business, entrepreneurs know what a crude business idea is, it is called NON EXPLORED Innovations. So, why Nigeria a Virgin? “Nigeria is a virgin that needs to be explored” 
Many entrepreneurs everyday looking for problems to solve, innovations to bring on the table or untapped ideas, but forgetting that there are many problems to be solved Check this
Nigeria facing lot of problems that need creative, innovative and passionate Nigeria Entrepreneurs like you to solve. Some of the problems has been listed in one of our post, please check it.
These are some of the problems:

And lot more. We Nigerians need to wake up and develop our Nation. We have been hijacked, we need to develop our minds to take up the challenges facing our Nation and solve them seamlessly.

Take it up and let’s untapped the virginity of our Nation.

God bless Nigeria.


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