7 Must Have Resolutions for Businessmen in 2017

It is not a news again that we are all in the mood of celebration of new year. Let me say happy new year to you. Wait! Are you not a business owner? If yes, read and digest the packaged resolutions for you for this year 2017.

One of the greatest things you should consider as top of your resolution for 2017 is to expand your business. Your business need branches, points and centres. Check your business niche, where do you think you spread to? Checkout school environments, banking areas, government establishment agencies and so on, get a space their and establish the branch of your company.

No business exist without clients and customers. Make the point of your duty to triple or skyrocket your clients and customer base. There are many tools to achieve that on the Internet and  off net like emails, sms, social network marketing, printing of banners, handbills and mouth to mouth advertisement. I and you should make more money this year by increasing our clients base.

One of the greatest challenge I had year 2016 was not save enough money from my income. I made money really but I spent more on some things that doesn’t worth it. So, you need to save more money this year 2017. Get a good financial analyst to prepare a good book keeping blueprint for you and follow it strictly. Don’t spend money to be save and save incomes that come suddenly. With this, you will have great money and smile to the bank whenever you need money for your business.

Hmmm! What sector are you running your business? Telecoms, IT, Banking, Agriculture, Textiles etc, look into other industries and start a business there. I will be looking into Agriculture and Financial industries, because I need to make more money 2017 and build my empire and I want you to do that.

This is one of the reasons why I progress in business. Everything around my business is MY TEAM. I don’t do much work than to supervise them and perform my own duty assigned to me. You cannot do everything writing programs, designing and at the same time be the Chief Finance Officer or Marketing Manager… No! Build a team for your business. Motivate your team and make them part of the business and you will see great works teaming up can do.

Whao! I don’t know why this is making part of my points but I think it is very important. Most businesses both international and locals don’t really reside in the office again, they have migrated to the cloud and you too must follow suite. Get a good and professional website for your business, build a robust social media presence and become friend with search engines, with these, trust me, your business will receive a breathe no matter your physical location.

One of the thing I will be working on this year is to get at least a foreign partner. Well, the importance of this cannot be far fetched as boost your company reputation. Imagine Amazon endorse you as its partner, no matter what you sell, people will patronize it because of Amazon endorsement. They will help you build your brand with their powerful tools and make your business relevant in the globe not only locally.

Take action on these as I’m taking action on them myself. Thanks for reading and happy new year

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