The Rule of Focus

Focus is the ability to give absolute attention to something. It is giving your concentration of energy, and/or other resources to your business endeavors. Focus requires being ‘single eyed.’

The effect of energy – whatever form of it – is felt most when it is focused. For instance, the solar energy of the sun doesn’t hurt too much as it would if by means of converging lens it is focused at an object – it could set things up in flame. Water if focused and properly channeled, it could erode rock, and even cut through metals. The point here is that a lot of things carry great ability but can never be harnessed except properly focused and channeled.

It takes a great deal of energy to get something going, especially at the beginning. It likewise takes a lot of energy to create a change. So, focus helps you to achieve this. Relating this to business, undertaking three or more businesses at once may sound safer – in case one fails the other would be spared – right? But in reality, you are short changing yourself because soon enough, you may lose all of it – that’s if it hasn’t happened yet.

Can you imagine when the rocket is launched? ALL launchers are focused in ONE direction. Otherwise, it will crash! Likewise in your own business! It’s common these days to see people go into one business then another. Three months ago they told you they were into catering; today they are ‘champions’ in bead making. Later on they tell you they are into fashion design…and so on. Jack of all trade, master of none! This inconsistency make people take them unlikely. Besides, people prefer to be served by the masters. If you do not focus to perfect your craft, be the top in the game, why would you expect to succeed as much!

While the world richest diversify and hold several portfolios, they do so only when they are rich. And not get rich by being diversified! You do not get rich by being diversified; you get rich and successful in business by being focused, laser focused. Find out among the richest, they started out in one arena and after they got successful there, they went on to other things. Besides, they also hire professionals who focus on running their companies.

Multiple streams of income works; but for later – focus. Multi-tasking can work only for short term but it will not work in the long term. If you try to do many things all at the same time, you will spread yourself too thin and end up with nothing. It’s hard to chase two rabbit at once. You risk losing both and even hurting yourself in the process. Same is true with business.

Are you in business? Mind your own business! Focus on it! Are you struggling with multiple businesses? Get streamlined and focus. The more dispersed you are, the more easily dissipated you get. You run out fast on energy, time, enthusiasm, creativity, and more.

Of course, a very few may be able to joggle a lot of things well, but not most of us – and in fact, not for long. The arch enemy of focus is distraction: deal with it!

While I emphasis focus, at times, you may have to combine your job with business on the side in order to stay afloat – and that’s ok. Whatever you can do to stay afloat, do it. But as soon as possible, once you get your business going, focus on it and cut down on others. Remember, at no time should you ever cut away earning income.

In being focused lies your success in life, career and business. Stay focused.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah, Babatunde

I'm an entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast, IT Consultant and guitarist. I'm a great motivator and I can push you to achieve your dream. ------------------------------------------------------ email: babatundeseun2014[at]

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