WHY Most People Will Never Get What They Want is they do not know why they want it in the first place. Understanding ‘WHY’ pushes you on, even against the greatest odd. Without understanding “WHY”, even if I were to send you the most powerful information on the face of the planet on changing your life or business it would be completely useless.

Why do you want to succeed in life? Why did you venture into business? Why this business and not any other? Without understanding ‘WHY’ there is no need to do anything.

Most people will NEVER get what they want in their lives because they don’t know “WHY” they want it!

Most people who set out to make a change or improvement in their lives never do so because they do not understand the power of “WHY.” My friend, I submit to you that if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation in your life where you’ve decide to make a HUGE change for the better, but that change never occurred, once you grasp the concept I share with you today you will be UNSTOPPABLE. I tell you; all your major “successes” in life or business had this one thing in common: The Power of “WHY”

There is a secret mechanism behind your own human motivation that you need to see if you haven’t already: Most people’s decisions have two sides to them.

1. The decision at hand. Example: “I’m going to create a business that will generate #200,000 in net income per month”
2. The reason WHY you want #1 and the emotional pressure of that “WHY”

Here’s the secret: Whenever you make a decision, a commitment, or a goal, the single most important thing which determines whether you will SUCCEED or not is if you’ve created a BIG enough REASON for yourself to succeed. This is what I mean by the power of “WHY?”
Whenever you set out to succeed at something, first ask yourself: “WHY is this really important to me? WHY MUST I have it?”

Once you ask this question you absolutely MUST come up with a powerful enough reason or a series of reasons which will turn your soul on fire and give you the drive necessary for you to follow through with your decision until the end, and make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to sit around and procrastinate.

Let’s quickly look at some example of really poor decisions:

Decision: “I’m going to create a business that will generate #200,000 in net income per month”

Reason: “I need more money.”

To most people the idea of making more money is always very exciting in the beginning, but very few people ever do ANYTHING to improve their financial situation, because they’re comfortable at where they are. Even when they start a new business or any kind of promising venture, they give up too early or never even start fully because they haven’t harnessed the power of “WHY”.

 Remember, if you truly want something you not only have to know WHAT you want, but WHY you want it.

Now, do you think you would give up on your goal to create a financially lucrative business if you reminded yourself WHY you wanted it with reasons like these?
• I’m absolutely sick and tired of living an average life and I will not stand for this bullshit anymore – I’m going to be financially free no matter what it takes!
• My family deserves the best and I hate to watch them struggle with the income they have now.
• My family deserves a bigger home to live like they’re supposed to.
• Because I will not idly stand by and watch my life and my dreams simply pass me by.
• I’m not helping ANYONE by being in this financial situation, and I absolutely loath this, this HAS to change.

Yes, most of the times when we make a decision to make a powerful change in our lives we start feeling an overwhelming desire and drive for that change, but most of the time it doesn’t last simply because we forget WHY we wanted what we set out to get in the first place!

The most incredible service you could do for yourself is to clearly define WHY you want something and keep reminding yourself of that every single day. Without having a powerful enough “WHY” reason for doing something, chances are your motivation will fade before you accomplish what you set out to do.

Step 1: Make a Decision
Decide on the result you want to achieve. Is it creating money? Making a change in your body? Making a change in your relationships? What is the CRYSTAL CLEAR result you want to achieve? Be specific.

Step 2: Find Out WHY You Want It!

Ask yourself these questions:
“Why is it absolutely IMPERATIVE that I MUST have this in my life?
 “What is the most painful thing about not having this in my life?”
“What is the most incredible and inspiring thing about this decision?”
“What will my life look like when I’ve created this change?”

Step 3: Use the Power of “Why” Every Day

Write your powerful “WHY” reasons on a piece of paper and stick that piece of paper somewhere where you can see it every day.
Visualize and feel how important it is for you to do this, and why you won’t settle for anything less.

In conclusion, remember this:

“Human beings are capable of incredible things. If we have a big enough REASON to do something, we’ll go to the greatest lengths to get it.”
– Tony Robbins

Oluwaseun Hephzibah, Babatunde

I'm an entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast, IT Consultant and guitarist. I'm a great motivator and I can push you to achieve your dream. ------------------------------------------------------ email: babatundeseun2014[at]gmail.com

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