Congratulations to StackPreneur | We got AdSense Approval

It was like a joke when the StackPreneur team were discussing about getting Google AdSense approval on June 22, 2017.
Despite having standard and quality posts, moderate traffic and following AdSense standard, there was still a doubt of our approval.
I remember Yudi sent an emoji with the broad opening eye and sigh with a thinking emoji. Yudi said “That requires a certain amount amount of traffic before they grant us or …?”. I did not even know may be he was asking question or something.
He was right and as a professional and an IT personnel, he said the right thing.
But we are looking at luck here, so we just tried it and leave it. We did some review about StackPreneur again, checked our privacy policy, our contact us page and most importantly our contents.
We were optimistic that we will get the approval.

Lol and behold, on 7th July, 2017…..

That morning, I woke up to read some posts online and I got an idea of how we can bring more solutions to startups issues and picked my phone to discuss with Yudi but he was not online but I later dropped a message to him but the message did not deliver too.

That prompted me to check StackPreneur email and smiles, it was a congratulatory message from Google Adsense no_reply email.
I quickly read the content and what I saw was sweet, you know the rest.
So, StackPreneur has set a landmark, we are still committed to change the face of how business is being done and how to become successful in your startups.

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