5 Reasons Why Anthony Robbins Can’t Help You To Succeed Even If You Hire Him To Privately Coach You!

Here’s Why…
Even Anthony Robbins himself said, “I’m Not Your Guru.”
I have bought several books and ebooks and courses…
I ended up not reading some of these books or following through the courses…
When I was picking or downloading the books or paying for the online courses, my hopes were high…
I thought and believed I will become amazing and achieve phenomenal results after reading the books or following the courses…
I was wrong…
It was later that I discovered that even the best of books written by best of gurus cannot help me to succeed or become good at something…
I discovered that Anthony Robbins can’t help me even if I personally hire him to privately coach me…
Here are 5 reasons why he can’t help me to succeed…
At best, he can only show me the path…
He can only point things out for me…
He can only lead me back to myself…
He can only help me find out that I have the solutions all along…
Here are the 5 shocking things I discovered…
There’s no magic wand. You can’t turn stone into bread. If you don’t work something out, nothing works.
If you don’t deliberately kick yourself on the a$$, nothing changes. There’s no point wishing that one day you will luckily stumble on a box full of gold or hard currency. Unless in your night dream.
You can’t read some books on copywriting and become a copywriting god immediately. You have to start writing and rewriting copies.
You can’t succeed in life and business if you are waiting for one magic book or course or event that will magically transform you into another man.
I mean, life is not the same as Merlin movie. You can’t just wave your hand and things will fall into place.
Start taking actions. Start executing. Registering a domain at Namecheap will not make you an online entrepreneur. How many domains you registered have expired?
Some people usually send me messages asking me, “Please how can I start making money online?” I usually ask them, “What do you have to offer?” Most of them usually answer, “Nothing.” Case closed.
You can’t build something on nothing. You can’t succeed by going around looking for someone to spoon-feed you.
Nothing works until you work it.
There’s nothing you can do about it. You can hire ghost whatever to work on your projects. You can hire a VA from India or Philippines.
But, you can’t outsource your personal development.
Start working on yourself. Don’t come online scrambling to make money because someone told you that Internet is next big thing.
Develop your capacity. Learn to communicate. Learn how to write or document your experiences. Learn the art of selling and negotiation.
If you like, you can pay someone to write exams for you. If you like, you can even buy PhD certificate. But, you can’t pay someone to confer personal development on you. You can’t!
I taught myself WordPress. I taught myself HTML and CSS. I read a lot. I Google a lot. I watch too much tutorials on YouTube. I practice a lot.
There was a time I Googled “How to pronounce plagiarism.” I had radio interview, and I discovered I will pronounce the word during the interview. I Googled it and found YouTube video tutorial on it.
I wanted to know if the word is pronounced “play-giarism” or “plaa-giarism”.
I wanted to be sure. That’s personal development. Nobody can do it for you, not even Anthony Robbins.
This is very unfortunate. Sometimes, we embark on a research about a business idea or a vision of building something very impactful. Maybe writing a groundbreaking book or starting an NGO or developing a software.
We embark on a fact-finding mission. And only to discover that we are painstakingly gathering information to discredit ourselves.
It turned out that we are gathering enough reasons to disqualify ourselves, shout the passion down and kill the vision
I discovered that when we seek advice from people, we are silently asking them to give us enough excuses why the dream is a stupid one.
And trust people, they usually don’t disappoint. They are always ready to show us 101  superstitious and useless reasons why our ideas are dead on arrival.
When you are hell-bent on disqualifying and discrediting yourself, no guru can help you.
This is true. But, we usually forget. This is why we pursue every new shiny object.
If you want to be good in copywriting, reading the Boron’s Letters maybe all you need. Print out the letters. Don’t read them on the screen. Start reading and writing. You will become better.
But, we don’t want that. We want to buy every new copywriting course where the same principles behind the Boron’s Letters will still be taught.
Agreed. We should constantly be learning and evolving.
However, there’s nothing you will see tomorrow, which you have not seen but ignored yesterday.
My point? Make use of what you have now and stop waiting for new inventions. Most new inventions are recycled old inventions.
Innovative thinking is a hard work. This is why we avoid it. We don’t usually want to dive deeper and unearth solutions.
We prefer imported thoughts. We seem to be saying, “do the thinking for us, let’s see how it goes.”
Listen up…
You can’t be a doer if you are not an innovative thinker.
Most of your frustrations can be solved by thinking innovatively.
“Think and Grow Rich!” Do you remember the book?
Think. What’s your competitor not doing, but should be doing?
What services can you render in a better way?
Uber didn’t invent taxi or technology. The brain behind the company simply engaged his mind.
And it’s funny when some mind-shattering inventions like IVF, Driverless cars, Artificial intelligence, Drones, robots, etc are made, some religious folks usually say that man is trying to challenge God, and that God will deal with man one day to prove He’s still God.
Nonsense. God is not to proving anything.
Engage your mind. Think innovatively. Leave God alone. He wants you to think.
There are some things you don’t need to pray about. Just think.
Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below.
It’s not about shouting fire! fire!! all the time. There’s a time to engage your mind and think out solutions. Amen?
Start tackling some situations with innovative thinking.

Let’s hear your thoughts…drip a comment below.

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