Make millions by painting Micra Taxi cars in Ibadan

It was a hot morning for me because I was to deliver a hot presentation to a team of intellectuals, so I was not even at alert but my business mind was wide opened. I saw Micra (Taxi) drivers running up and down towards one direction but I was not too curious until I could not get Taxi to take me to where I was going and my curiosity began.
I asked one of the passerby why the drivers were running up and down and I was told the Government of Oyo State has mandated all the commercial drivers to paint their cars with the Oyo State colour.
Whao! Forgetting my unseen hot seat, I started asking questions:
How much is this painting of a car thing? I was told the minimum price of painting one small Micra car is N18,000.

Really? The man responded, yes! Even some people are painting N20,000 and the price can be higher depending on the newness or rugged the car is.

Immediately, I rushed to my guy selling paints and I told him is the painting using for cars available? He said yes. Do you have colors for Oyo state? He said yes.
I rushed to stationery store, bought marker and find a open space and I wrote PAINT YOUR MICRA HERE WITH OYO STATE COLOUR.
I liaised with my guy selling paints and we look for a painter that can do the painting and the rest is a story.
If you are in Ibadan or within Oyo State and you are interested, just find a open space and do what I did. Just tell one Micra driver what you offer, subsidize for the first person and see the magic.

It all happened and before I knew it, I was already on the hot seat.

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