Step by Step to becoming TStv Dealer

If you don’t know the best time to invest, then it is now. In our last post about TStv, the newly launched PayTV in Nigeria which we wrote about the requirements to be a dealer, we have received so many emails from our subscribers asking us to tell them how to become a dealer.

In this post, we will give you step by step instructions to successfully register as a TStv dealer.

Follow Now: NOTE, * means compulsory

  1. Goto TStv website: or direct dealers registration link
  2. Select your preferred Dealership Type requirements to be a dealer
  5. Enter your Business Address
  6. Enter your valid Phone Number and working Email Address
  7. Enter name(s) of Business Owners. Note, the names can be two or more depending on the type of business you are operating.
  8. Enter type of Business you are into e.g Information Technology, Educational etc
  9. Enter how long you have been in business (e.g 4)
  10. Enter how many staff you have (e.g 4)
  11. Current volume takeof quantity Like how many quantity of TStv products you want to start with
  12. Kindly state the available capital for the business this will solely depend on your dealership type . requirements to be a dealer
  13. Do you have knowledge of the local market: YES
  14. Do you have office space it is important you have a office space for you to be approved.
  15. Enter your city
  16. Enter your state
  17. Any experience in PayTV sales? This is asking may be you have experience with other PayTV services like DSTV, GOTV etc
  18. Are you currently marketting any DTH? This means are you currently a dealer or marketer to other DTH e.g DSTV, GOTV etc
  19. How many installers do you have? This is asking the numbers of people knowledgeable about installation that you have in your company.
  20. You will need to scan and upload your PASSPORT and optionally your CAC document.
  21. You can make a short note about your dealership with TStv
  22. Click SUBMIT
TStv will send email to you and if your entry is successful, they will send your account information to you and you can login to the dealers portal.

That is it. Good luck.

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