How to work from home effectively in Nigeria

It is becoming what at least the tech inclined dudes in Nigeria are becoming adapted to, me personally I have shifted 75% of my work away from the office to home. Even though telecommuting is not exactly the norm in Nigeria, more companies/startups in its commercial capital (Lagos) are beginning to embrace the remote working culture, especially in the IT industry. Yet, despite the benefits associated with telecommuting, big global companies like Yahoo, Reddit and IBM have reverted to the regular 9 to 5 work schedule. Even Google, with all its great perks, still isn’t open to the idea of working remotely.

This begs the question, is the remote working culture really good for business? The answers for another day.

But for this post, it will be highlighted how to effectively work from home to achieve maximum results.

Telecommuting  does not necessarily means not going to the office but it means the workplace can be anywhere. So, if choosing your home as your workplace, make the home a workplace indeed. White light, cooling fan, ergonomic seat and table, library and if possible a guitar for the leisure time.

Trying to defy going to office is to bring your office home. Working remotely can only be effective if internet and electricity is available. I always run to office some times 6AM when the electricity or any source of power is not available at home. To make your working remotely effective, good internet is very essential as to synchronize with your remote or office working team members.


Online tools like Asana can be an office hub, sign in every morning to monitor each of your team tasks and using another tool like Skype for meetings too. For me, a combination of Whatsapp, Slack, Asana and email makes my working from home and synchronizing with my team a magical one.
Though working from home has not been fully adopted in Nigeria but it can be a great advantage for entrepreneurs to work effectively with budget.
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