Young CEOs on StackPreneur

StackPreneur is known for great excellence and a great platform for promoting Nigeria Entrepreneurs. We have come to boost the morale of Nigeria entrepreneurs that whatever they see outside can be done here too.

The new thing we are bringing to you is what we called the Young CEOs on Stackpreneur. We have decided to promote you free by giving you interview and make the interview available for the public consumption.


  • We want to encourage you by doing more and use our own little way to promote you. Your information, your chats, your pictures and profile will accompany a customize post we will give you and everything you want to make public about your company e.g website, products and services will be posted.
  • We want your success to encourage other entrepreneurs.

How it works
You will register here, we will contact you and schedule your interview. You will make ready a nice environment for your pictures and office space and internet should be available.

Where will the interview take place?
The interview will take place on WHATSAPP. We have a unique platform we will invite you to for the interview and your chats with us will be published on the Young CEOs on Stackpreneur platform.

Any issues with this?
No problem at all. Our mission is simple and cannot be compromised.

Are you set? Then register CLICK ME

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