Jumia market send away staff as the service about shutting down

We have it on confirmation  through techPoint that Jumia market, formerly Kaymu, is shutting down operations.
The extension of the Jumia brand, which is about 70 staff strong is currently left with about 15 staff. Apparently, a large part of the staff have been laid off. From all indications, the engineering team may be the only remaining staff as works are ongoing to reroute traffic to Jumia’s main site.

We have reached out to people at Jumia Market for a fuller angle on the story. But as it is, many declined to speak as they were affected by the layoff.
All efforts to reach out to people at Jumia Market for full details proved abortive as many declined to speak with any correspondent.
Jumia Market formerly known as Kaymu which is an extension of Jumia brand.
Details later.

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