Why you must not give up. The story of 7up drink

Many times, entrepreneurs quit early to the realization of their dreams. They quit and give up just for another dude somewhere to reap the fruit of their hard labour.

This post will give you inspiration and reasons you don’t have to give up on your creative ideas at all.


There was a particular boy that had the idea of making soda drinks available to everybody to drink. He researched well and started the company and called it 3up. Due to his inexperience, the project 3up failed woefully.

He summoned courage, did more research and learnt little from the previous failure and launched another company and named it 4up. Little did he know that 4up will be another disastrous failure. This time, he failed without traces.

He cried all his eyes out, blamed situations and tried to quit. But he was encouraged and he summoned courage to try again. He tried and started another soda company called 5up.  Though 5up would have be a huge success but the impatience of the boy made him failed again but this time not woefully.

He got it right because the failure of 5up was not too bad. He went back to the drawing board and re-strategise, worked harder and launch another soda company named 6up.

What! Why will 6up fail again was the question of everybody was asking despite the effort of this young lad. He was frustrated, cried all day long, blamed his luck and blamed situations. He called it a quit. Why? 6up was a catastrophic failure. He gave up.

The idea did not die, though the originator gave up. 

Not so long, another small boy picked up his idea where he stopped and started another company to provide soda drinks. He named the company 7up.

Ofcourse, we all know if that is a success or a failure. There is no place 7up is not known.

Everybody have the traits of impatience. We want to get results once and move on, but there are times we need not to give chance to giving up.

So, I challenge you today. Are you already like that boy and about to give up, please don’t. What will be the profit if you quit now? That should be your question when facing the threat of giving up.

Don’t quit, success will come soonest.

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